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are concerned about 30 million new patients entering the system as the new healthcare reform act continues to be implemented. and today a senate panel heard testimony from doctors on the shortage of primary care physicians and some possible solutions. one doctor said the problem often starts in med school because teachers advise students to become specialists. >> you're too intelligent, you're too smart to go into primary care. that culture is toxic and it's out there. we need to worry about it it. >> specialists often get paid twice as much as primary care physicians. one suggestion is a pay scale adjustment. lawmakers hope to come up with proposals. >> amazon is reporting fourth quarter profits. the profits fell 45% to $97 million. despite the loss, shares of amazon rose sharply. they were up almost $28. >>> a twitter hoax caused a roller coaster of trading today for audience. the hoax tweet alleged the company was being investigated by the department of justice for fraud charges. seconds later shares of audience plunged more than 25%. you can see the drop here in this graph. nasdaq call
to take cover. >> at the state capital lawmakers began a session to work on implementing healthcare reform. all 50 states have till 2014 to comply with the act. that includes setting up exchanges where residents can shop for health insurance. law makers are working on changing rules to medi-cal to comply with law. law makers are hopeful that could comply in advance of the deadline on january 1 next year. >>> yahoo announced better than expected earnings. they announced their first full quarter owners under the new ceo. revenue increased 2% from the previous year to $1.35 million. the first gain for the year since 2008. >>> on wall street today, the dow is down 14 to 13,881. the nasdaq is up 4 at 3,154. the s&p is down 2 at 1,500. >>> a government watch dog group says the treasury department violated guidelines when it approved raises at three firms. the raises were okayed for 18 executives. 14 were for $100,000 or more. one was for a million dollars. together they received $250 billion in federal bail out money, only aig has paid back all of its bail out. >>> a local group wants to move si
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2